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Address: Shangnan Industry Park, Yuanzhou Town, Boluo County,Huizhou City,Guangdong Province, China



Company Profile

Chongia Precision Industry Co., Ltd. started in Hsinchuang,new Taipeicity sinceJuly 1985. Boluo Chongia Precision Industry Co., Ltd. started in Mainland China sinceApril 2001 ;In 2006 We established Boluo Chengchuang Precision Industry Co., Ltd.And created our own brand “CPI”, We are professional manufacturer ofprecision molds, LED lead frames& stents,terminals, metal domes, high frequency connectors, memory card sockets andso on. We also acquired ISO9001 certifications since November 2002, ISO14001 certification since August 2004. This year we also acquired TS 16949 since OHSAS 18001.

Withexperienced and creative R&D team,we attained severaltechnical invention lettersof patent,and always like to accept challenge of the high standard of our customers. There are more than 80 sets of high precision stamping machines, 100 sets of vertical molding machines, 25 sets of horizontal molding machines in our plant. For enhance productive efficiency &product quality,we brought in fully automatedproductionsystem, pursuit the quality, 10 modernized production lines, and 20 sets ofautomatic assembly machines in our plant. To improve theproductionefficiency, we brought in a lot of refined precision machines such as more than 70 sets of grinding machines, inclusive British PGCNC Optical Profile Grinder (High-Speed Type), 4 sets of Wire Electrical Discharging Machine, include 2 sets of SodickWire-cutting EDM Machinesfrom Japan, and the other is TrimosOptical Grinding Machine from Switzerland. Quality is efficiency.To ensure the stability of the product quality and reliability, weintroducedadvanced inspection instrumentsfrom Japanand Germanyto set up the perfect equipment laboratory. Such as Hardness Tester, Salt Spray Test Machine, SHIMADZU EDX-720 Energy dispersive X-Ray Fluorescence spectrometer,Moisture Tester, Coating Thickness Measure Machine, Metal Domes Test Machine, 2.5 Dimension Tester, 50 sets of Nikon Profile Projectors, 15 sets of tool Microscopes, 40 sets of CCD video Cameras, 10 sets of CCD Automatic Inspection Machines. we have obtained more than 160 kinds of new-style patents, such as new-style patent of memory card sockets; communication devices patent, computer connectorspatent, and LED framespatentand so on. All kind of our products are: LED frames series, terminals series, hard metric series, 2.54DIN connectors series, HDMI series, metal domes series, memory card sockets series, and high frequency connectors series. we achieve progressive growth of annual turnover to meet the customer’s demand and our CPI also setsupour own transportation team for delivering timelyWith perfect management system and rich-experience design team, and professional service group.