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Address: Shangnan Industry Park, Yuanzhou Town, Boluo County,Huizhou City,Guangdong Province, China




        On operation management, we stress on the match between person and post, as well as organizing and designing with the employee mechanism of “People-centered” to employ boldly and reasonably. Our effective salary appraisal system makes our posts more attractive for more suitable talents and achieves a better match between person and post.
        Our “People-oriented” welfare system makes  us connect with our employees tightly, which enhances our interior cohesion, helps to solve employees’ troubles, and ensures our common development in mechanism. Meanwhile, our company considers staff’s strength fully and stresses on their training and career developing requirements.
  Operational mechanism with self characters is formed in long-term business practice. The combinations between motivation and restriction, competition and elimination, responsibility and right are realized and a set of working procedure and system is established.

        Project responsibility system is implemented by our company. The project leader should be responsible for the quality of her/his project and should organize, coordinate and implement the whole procedures to ensure the progress of it.
        All of our staff should strictly follow out the post responsibility system and the operation procedure formed in practice to ensure all of our work is done systematically, normally, scientifically and procedurally. Any excellent talents are welcomed to our company with favorable salary for stable and long-term  development.