Fast Break Hook (Type A)

Fast Break Hook (Type A)

  • Part No : T05910-00
Product description
Part No:


Hai Chong's patent fast break is coming ~

♦ A good helper for fish removal and thread removal. Quick disassembly and replacement, which can be used when going out to sea ~ Save time spent re-tying the line;

♦ Fast-break hook is made of stainless steel: anti-rust-high hardness-no deformation-high strength-high corrosion resistance-high load-flat design, low water resistance

♦ Special spring leaf design does not disengage

♦ The precise circular arc design at the binding ring does not hurt the fishing line

♦ It is more stable when used with Haichong tricyclic swivel ring

♦ A variety of official fishing applications: long-tailed bird, big-headed cockroach, horse head, penetrating, etc.


A / B / C size and net lifting weight

Type A (small): 35kg

Type B (medium): 45kg

Type C (Large): 55kg

Matching swivel model (the following is the Yannsign deep-sea fisherman three-prong high-speed swivel specification):

Type A (Small): 3 ~ 7

Type B (medium): 2 ~ 7

Type C (Large): 1 ~ 6

Product size: length * width * thickness, unit: mm

Type A (Small): 12.06 * 7.25 * 1.35 mm

Type B (medium): 14.27 * 8.59 * 1.35 mm

Type C (Large): 16.70 * 10.04 * 1.5 mm


product weight:

Type A (small): 0.34 g

Type B (medium): 0.48 g

Type C (Large): 0.80 g

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